Regular screenings for colorectal cancer can prolong your life.

Most colorectal cancers start as non-cancerous polyps, which are clumps of fast-growing cells that line the inside of the colon. These polyps can eventually become cancerous, but if they are detected early enough, they may be removed before it happens. Colonoscopy can prevent cancer and mortality from colon cancer. And even if cancer is already present, early detection can increase your chances of a full recovery.

The American Cancer Society and Canadian Association of Gastroenterology recommend a colonoscopy every 10 years or a sigmoidoscopy every 5 years for individuals of average risk, starting at age 50. Alternatively, a fecal occult blood test can be performed every 2 years. However, the ability of this test to identify polyps, or even cancer, is significantly lower than colonoscopy. Talk to your family doctor about your options. Most importantly, get screened
for this preventable disease. The choice is yours. We would be privileged to provide your endoscopic care should you choose to have a colonoscopy.

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