At Tri-City Colonoscopy Clinic, we utilize the latest, state of the art endoscopy equipment from PENTAX, a recognized leader in the endoscopy field.

PENTAX endoscopy equipment gives endoscopists the ability to see with unparalleled clarity, precision and resolution. The new line of 90i Series endoscopes and the innovative EPK-iTM Video Processor combine to deliver an incredible array of features that completely redefine endoscopic imaging. PENTAX provides the highest image resolution on the market; as well as i-ScanTM Digital Colour Filters, which enables physicians to see tissue abnormalities that were not easily discernible in the past; and three-phase flexible stiffness endoscopes that ensure supreme handling and patient comfort. PENTAX designs every product with the health of our patients in mind.

    Why TCC

  • State of the art facility and equipment
  • Knowledgeable, experienced, and trusted physicians
  • Caring, experienced, and friendly support staff